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In order to adjust according to the students’ busy day we wish to be an association as flexible as possible. That is why we give our members the opportunity to choose what and when they would like to exercise without having to sign up for classes weeks in advance.

In ASG we have a goal to encourage community spirit, activity, quality, and versatility. It is on the basis of these values that our instructors and executive committee work. In ASG the community spirit is strengthened through social activities such as the annual gymnastics performance in March/April which ends with a party for all: volunteers, instructors and members.

Volunteer in ASG

In ASG we are always looking for new voluntary hands who has the motivation to contribute to take our association to new heights. We have four committees: fitness, gymnastics, events and PR. If this sounds like just the thing for you, you are more than welcome to contact us at frivillig@asg.dk for further information.

Aarhus University Sport (AUS)

ASG is a part of the biggest student association in Aarhus led by AUS who works to offer student friendly activities for students in Aarhus. AUS consists of approximately 18 clubs who offer a variety of sports activities.

The history of ASG

The association ASG was founded in 1969 and has since then contributed to influence and develop the gymnastics and fitness life in Aarhus. We offer cheap tumbling and rhythmic gymnastics as well as fitness classes such as Yoga, Pilates and acrobatic yoga. Our training facilities are located all around Aarhus including DGI-Huset, MGC and different public schools in the central and northern part of Aarhus.

We have approximately 500 members in ASG ranging in age from 18 to 30.

What do we offer?

ASG - Aarhus Student Gymnastics and Fitness is an association who values versatility, quality, activity as well as student friendly prices. As a fitness member you can participate in fitness classes, while the gymnastic section offers tumbling and rhythmic gymnastics on varied levels.


Our season starts in September and the fitness semester also starts in February.
You can see our range of teams and gymnastic classes here or follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will update you continuously about what happens in ASG.

ASG offers a variety of fitness classes to join: pilates, yoga and acrobatic yoga, check out the overview here.
It is really cheap to become a fitness member: 300 DKK for one class the whole semester, 600 DKK for free classes the whole semester or 1000 DKK for free classes a whole year.

The membership for 300 DKK gives you the right to join a specific class for a semester, whereas the 600 DKK membership gives you the right to participate in any of our fitness classes for the whole semester. The first semester starts in August and ends in January, and the second semester starts in February and ends in June. The 1000 DKK membership gives you the right to participate in any class throughout both semesters from August until June. The first three times (in August and in February) are trial classes and therefore free of charge, and afterwards you have to buy a membership on our web page.

Our classes are led by Danish instructors, which is why the instructions might only be given in Danish - but most kind of the fitness classes are easy to follow, so feel free to join us!

Be aware you can only pay by Dankort/VISA-Dankort through the website, contact us at asg@asg.dk to do your payment by bank transfer.